Focus Of The Month

Monthly Lunch Meetings
11:30 – 1 PM


First Thursday

Sugar Land
Flying Saucer
15929 City Walk
(City Walk Center)


Second Thursday

Los Tios
9527 Westheimer
(Tanglewilde Center)


Third Wednesday

Plum Coffee
11688 Barker Cypress Ste #A2
Cypress Tx. 77433


Third Thursday

Ray’s Mexican Restaurant
870 S Mason Rd
(S Mason @ Cimarron Pkwy)


Fourth Wednesday


El Ranchero Mexican Restaurant
24551 Loop 494
(Northpark Dr. Exit)
Kingwood, TX. 77339

Currently not meeting








Life in the Fast Lane

Have you ever had one of those days? It’s late in the day; already half past supper. You’re on the way home. Traffic is getting worse every day, and today is a doozy. Your mind is racing with the things you need to do before you go to bed: Wash a load of clothes … […]

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I Hate Brussel Sprouts!

I’m not too crazy about fruitcake, either. By Patrick G Howard Tis the season. You know what I mean. The Halloween candy has all been eaten. (How did that happen so quickly?) That first little bit of cold air descends on Houston. (And it didn’t come from your air conditioner.) Pumpkin spice is in the […]

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Road Rage in the Drive-Thru

by Patrick G Howard You won’t believe what happened the other day. Anybody that has known me for more than a couple of weeks knows that I love Whataburger. That orange and white striped roof is like a lighthouse guiding me safely home. Well, this is where our story starts – in the drive-thru at […]

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Sometimes You’re the Bug!

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. I was thinking about this story the other day – the story of Jacob, Rachel, Leah, and Laban. As you will recall, Jacob had to get as far away from Dodge as possible, because Esau wanted to kill him. After a very long journey (more than 400 […]

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Three’s a Charm

By Patrick G Howard I don’t normally like to repeat myself, but … Our last two foci have been centered around James 1:22 – Be doers of the word, and not hearers only. I challenged each of you to ask God what being doers of the word looks like in your business. Did you? Most […]

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Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before:  On second thought … By Patrick G Howard Inspire This word is derived from the Latin – inspirare, meaning to breath into. It is also where we get the word – spirit; as in Holy Spirit. I point this out, because when I write our focus each […]

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It’s Never Too Late: But the time for action is NOW!

Reset your focus. Don’t agonize about what you have (or haven’t done) this year. You can’t do anything about the past, so there is no use in worrying about it. Instead, choose one thing that we have talked about this year, or some other thing if you prefer, and focus on that for the rest of 2021. Put massive action toward making it happen. Make it your mission to accomplish that one thing this year, and then when the new year rolls around, you will be well on your way to making 2022 your best year yet.

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Matthew Hudgens with Paynada
LaKeysha Moore with It Takes a Village
Robert Linden II with Fitzpatrick Group
Lisa Turner at Kenneth’s Car Care
Mike McManus at Mike McManus Insurance
Tim Suarez with Suarez Cares
Travis Lamnek with Lucid Pros OCN
Terry Brennan with The Brennan Law Firm
Alecia Stringer our Social Media Expert
Frank Holder with Fitzpatrick Group
Brooke Thompson with
Michael Wingfield with Senior Health Services

Kiva McKay at Children Like Loni
Leroy Englin with Spotksed Computer Services
Nicholas Doherty with NBD Graphics
Kerry Herrington with SPJST
Bill Graff with CBNA Realty
Patrick Howard with AAG Mortgage
Hiett Ives with Hiett
Kerry Herrington Independent Agent
Tommy and Donna Domingue with Ford Industrial Service
Tommy Ganaway Independent Agent
Bill Baumeyer with Reason2Race
Mary Bird with MSB2 Marketing
Dennis Silva with TDECU
Flora Oni with Eftex Tax Services

18039 Glenledi Drive
Houston, TX 77084
(832) 232-2049

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