Passing of Doris Hablouty Konduros

Asking for prayers for my adopted Mom, Doris Halbouty Konduros, she passed away on Sunday morning to be with the Lord. She had been in hospice care for just 3 days. Her body just was very tired and weak. We are working on the services this week, we know that it will be at Geo. Lewis on Bering Drive, in the next couple of weeks.

She was a member at St. Martin Episcopal Church, Real Estate was her passion. She would show and sell homes all though out Houston. She grew up in Beaumont Texas.

I will have a full detail pray request as we write them up for the paper and to be posted.

My heart is just broken, she was a light like no other light, she would help you from where ever you were, she loved all animals, there would be no dog or cat or bird that she see and she would always feed. That goes for daughters too… you never left her with out having had food with her.

She I know is in the Lord’s presence and she is with the rest of the family and friends who have gone before her.

We can not be selfish here on this earth, we know we will be re united again,

In Jesus, there is always light.

Rest in Peace, Mom,

Mary Bird