ON LINE Marketing Seminar

Date: 07/11/2020 Saturday

Time: 11 am – 3 pm

Saturday July 11th. 11 am -3pm — Royaltie Marketing Company:

This Saturday is packed full of several great speakers. Key Note Speaker is Cedrick Harris, King of MLM Closings.

Justin Belobaba is the founder and CEO of Royaltie

Cheryl Coco, VP of Marketing

Angel Lee, Ambassador to Royaltie

Laura Smith, cosmetics ceo

Mikael Meir, CEO ROUND TABLE, Professor of Ethics York College Toronto Canada

Silas King IV, Marketing Professional

Caujuan Mayo, The Top Income Earner in the Company.


There will be a brand new company PRE PRE Released at this event. You will want to know how this NOWSITE LIFE company can help you in your business small to medium and the employees that you may have today, tomorrow, next year.

To learn more about this free event or you may have questions

Call Mary Bird – 832-851-5466

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