Northwest Lunch and Learn

Will you join us at The CBFA Northwest on Tuesday April 17th?

The CBFA provides a great opportunity to network and fellowship with like-minded entrepreneurs. Our focus this month is on Paul’s letter to the Philippians, encouraging them to maintain perspective and to look forward toward the goal.

Visit for more details.

About The CBFA …

We gather for an afternoon of networking and fellowship on the THIRD TUESDAY of (most) every month from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM. Meals are available, should you with to purchase one.

Our motto is “We are Christians … All day, every day … in business, at home and in the community.” The mission of The Christian Business Fellowship Association is simple – to provide a business network that encourages Christian values.

We believe that every business and individual will experience speed bumps and road blocks, which tend to elevate stress and lead to poor decisions. When you learn to carry your Christian values with you all day, we believe you make better decisions, which allows you to grow your business, strengthens you personally, and lets you live a more peaceful and spiritual life.