Marketing Retail-To-Go

Date: 03/21/2020

Time: 11 am – ON Going

Everyone is pivoting in their marketing. Now Retail-To-Go

Just wanted to reach out to everyone in the group, and share this incredible marketing tool called Royaltie.

Pay what you can afford $1.00 up or pick a plan with more benefits,  $87.00 (no contracts)


Royaltie AI is an All In One Marketing System,  also branded #3ClickMarketing

On-Line Mar-ket-ing is Activities you do on the internet to generate leads and build interest in your business.  Online Marketing, is the #1 Source of customers worldwide, (its bigger than TV). But 99% of independent business owners do not market online, Why because of all of the complex systems needed to succeed.

What is needed to be online…. Website, SEO, CRM, Analytics – however, none of these will generate leads and its not marketing. You can do this but its very expensive – paid advertising and target content marketing, consistently spend time and money generating the content for this activity.

Benefits of the Royaltie Platform is that you get with the package:

Essentials: Website, SEO, CRM, and Analytics

Paid Advertising – Facebook Ads, Google Ads

Target Marketing – Social Media, Blog and Email

Our Artificial Intelligence is driven by our proprietary algorithms. 20,000 daily users, 196 Industries, 1.1 Billion Ads & Social Posts, 50 Million Clients, 120,000 Websites, 3 Million Marketing Activities Daily.  Languages – English, French, German and Spanish.

Plans have unlimited landing pages, support in all languages, live (zoom) tech support. I am also here to help guide you through your online on boarding.

Even if you just want to share good news or post motivation or local (zoom) events.

Just asking if you would TRY and Pivot your business with Royaltie.

YES- Sign me up right now. go to


Pay What You Can go to the bottom and click GEM Program

Lets have a conversation..

I am here to support and help businesses get back to doing what you do best!

Mary E. Bird

MSB2 Marketing