Introducing Text This! – Spread your content with native SMS

Date: Katy, Texas, November 14, 2018



Contact: Eric Ramos
Phone: (281)769-8584


Introducing Text This! – Spread your content with native SMS

Works with iOS and Android mobile devices.


Katy, Texas, November 14, 2018 —Text This! ( from, LLC increases engagement by encouraging visitors to share a text message that links to your website’s page URL’s through native SMS on iOS and Android devices.

Becoming one of the most effective marketing channels due to open rates of 98%, SMS messaging has a high conversion and the ability to boost other channels of communication. The number of mobile phone users has nearly tripled the past decade with over 5 billion people now using mobile phones in 2018. With so many mobiles in the hands of consumers and fans, the effectiveness of SMS communication is increasing as businesses turn to SMS as their first choice in mobile marketing.

To use the Text This! sharing button on iOS and Android mobile devices, simply copy and paste the code below into your website’s HTML on the pages where you want to display the Text This! sharing button:

<div id=”texthis” style=”display:inline-block”></div>
<div id=”ttmess” style=”display:none”>Your message here.</div>
<script src=””></script>

If you use WordPress, click here to download the plugin to install and activate the Text This! feature on your site.

Remember to change “Your message here.” with the text you want to pre-populate your sharing message– the message will be formatted with a thumbs up Emoji (👍) at the beginning of the message and the full URL of the current page at the end of the message., LLC is an entrepreneur friendly company that leverages experience and strategic partnerships in business, technology and development to help design, create and implement custom, bespoke web applications and online platforms. If you would like more information about or Text This! please call Eric Ramos at (281)769-8584, or email