DBSA’s new name is re:MIND

Date: 09/27/2017

Time: 2:00pm

HOUSTON, September 27, 2017 – During its sixth annual Help…Hope…Healing Luncheon, the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Greater Houston announced its new, renewed name re:MIND. The organization’s life-saving mission is to provide free and confidential support groups for individuals living with, and family and friends affected by, depression and bipolar disorders. Originally an all-volunteer grassroots start-up, re:MIND has evolved into an established, permanent non-profit organization with a geographic footprint that is expanding beyond the Greater Houston area. It is the only non-profit organization in the region that provides free, high-quality support groups facilitated and supervised by licensed mental health professionals.


Supporters and beneficiaries of re:MIND were contacted for their input on what the organization personally means to them and to the community. The non-profit worked with the marketing agency Richards/Carlberg to assess the collected names based on compatibility and availability. “Thanks to the feedback and direction of our wonderful supporters, we are proud to announce re:MIND as our new name,” says John Jeffers, Board Chair. “This is a pivotal moment for our organization, and we look forward to expanding our support services under this new brand.”


“This organization is invested in everything regarding the mind,” says Mary Collins, president and CEO of re:MIND. “Once we saw the feedback and ideas gathered by Richards/Carlberg, we were confident that re:MIND would be the name that would take us into the next chapter.” As a support group participant said, “The new name reminds me that there is somebody else fighting the same fight. I’m not alone.”


The name was announced before 330 attendees at the luncheon with an introductory video.  Please spread the word.