Coronavirus LIFT for Small Business Owners

Date: SBA PPP Application is Available for Downloading Today

Time: Depends on Your SBA Approved Lender

Hello Y’all,

I thought it worth highlighting a few COVID-19 Resources for Small Business Owners in the CBFA:

  1. SBA PPP Application Form became available today and can be downloaded here,
  2. If you’re a Small Business Owner (including Independent Contractors) and don’t know what the PPP is,  our simple summary is here,
  3. Perspective Tool: 3 Circles Exercise from Covey’s 7-Habits of Highly Effective People.


We started emailing a complimentary weekly one-page Small Business LIFT TIPs sheet + our perspective on the Coronavirus to clients and colleagues last week. If you’d like to receive it or if our team can be of help, please just email me directly at

Trusting that if any of the above helps even 1-2 CBFA Small Business Owners, the rest of y’all will indulge me this email.


Dave Sue
Small Business LIFT